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"To allow members to meet and exchange information that will be of benefit to members and to the Ink and Printing Industries as a whole."

Enviromental Builletins

The increased public awareness about environmental issues has led to the usage of the terms “environment friendly” and “eco-friendly”. These terms are used to imply that a good or service will inflict minimal harm on the environment. Read more...

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CMYK Ink Colours

Welcome to the CPIMA

The Canadian Printing Ink Manufacturers’ Association (CPIMA) represents the major suppliers of inks to the printing industry in Canada.

Technical Bulletins

The term “heavy metals” has been used as a group name for metals and semi-metals that have been associated with contamination and potential toxicity or ecotoxicity. Read more...

A Message from the CPIMA

The Canadian Printing Ink Manufacturers’ Association (CPIMA) has represented its members, employees and affiliates since 1932. We also represent our members at Provincial and Federal governments regarding legislative and environmental matters.

As you are aware, our industry has been deemed an essential service in the supply chain, manufacturers require inks, coatings and chemical products for all forms of food packaging, medical labels, and vital communication materials defined as printed media. The manufacture of printing ink is a fundamental chemical process valued in today’s recent climate

The printing ink industry sets a high priority for the health and safety of its employees. As COVID 19 Coronavirus crisis is at a critical point, we are paying special attention to industry employees and customers, and all who may come in contact with our members, and are encouraging our industry to exercise common sense and care.

Safety and health has long been an important issue in our industry and our members abide by the guidelines issued by Health Canada and other public health agencies in their respective regions and provinces. Our members are implementing policies that require social and physical distancing, enhanced personal hygiene, facility disinfecting, and widespread work at home opportunities.

To all of our members and their employees and families, we would like to say a truly heartfelt thank you!

Your continued dedication during this difficult time to supply our customers with the services they need is unprecedented. Our inks and coatings are a critical part of the supply chain in the manufacturing of desperately needed packaging for medical, healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and media. We cannot thank you enough for being on the front line helping ensure our industry and our country persevere in these difficult times. We will get through this. We wish the best to you and your families please stay healthy and safe. For further information, please email us at info@cpima.org