CMYK Ink Colours

About Us

This Canadian Printing Ink Manufacturers’ Association (CPIMA) has been in service since 1932 and at present represents approximately 80% of the volume of printing ink manufactured in Canada. It represents its members to both Federal and Provincial Governments in legislative and environments matters. It encourages understanding and efficient use of its products emphasizing technical competence and social responsibility.

CPIMA is affiliated with NAPIM (National Association of Printing Inks Manufacturers) and the Society of British Printing Ink Manufacturers. The printing ink industry in Canada is represented by the CPIMA and provides position papers on technical issues and supports the Oil & Colour Chemists Organization's course for printing ink technicians to promote technical education in our industry.

The Association collects sales data, technical information and other matters common to the Industry and provides them to its members.

Executive Team:

Scott Morris
Vice President Sales & Operations
INX International Ink Corp

Steve Marshall
Regional Sales Manager – Central & Western Canada
Sun Chemical Limited
Michelle Connolly - Executive Director CPIMA
Michelle Connolly